Accumulated precipitation at ground by blended MW+IR

Derived from precipitation maps generated by merging MW images from operational sun-synchronous satellites and IR images from geostationary satellites (i.e., products P-IN-SEVIRI). Integration is performed over 3, 6, 12 and 24 h. In order to reduce biases, the satellite-derived field is forced to match raingauge observations and, in future, the accumulated precipitation field outputted from a NWP model

  • Coverage: H SAF area with extension to Africa and southern Atlantic: LAT 60°S - 67.5°N, LON 80°W - 80°E (The covered area is shown in figure)
  • Cycle: Four products (integrals over 3, 6, 12 and 24 h) every three hours (rolling) Observing cycle over Europe: 3 h
  • Resolution: Resolution changes across the Full Disk from 3 km near the sub-satellite point to 8 km on average over Europe.Sampling dependent of SEVIRI IFOV
  • Timeliness: At fixed times of the day, within 15 min after synoptic hours (00, 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18 and 21 UTC)
  • Dissemination: By dedicated lines to centres connected by GTS - By EUMETCast to most other users, especially scientific
  • Formats: Primary: Values in grid points of the Meteosat projection (GRIB-2)

Short description of the basic principles for product generation

Product H05B (P-AC-SEVIRI over the full disk area) is based on frequent precipitation measurements as retrieved by blending LEO MW-derived precipitation rate measurements and GEO IR imagery (P-IN-SEVIRI).