This section contains some questions and answers that users have submitted to our help desk service. If you have questions to be submitted, please carefully read this section before contacting the H-SAF Help Desk at us_hsaf@meteoam.it

1 - How to subscribe to the H-SAF website and what are the advantages to sign up?
2 - How to download H-SAF products?
3 - How to download H-SAF archived products (all archived products not more available on the H-SAF FTP Server)?
4 - How to download the PNG-Files of archived products?
5 - What is the meaning of the state of a product (Operational, Pre-Operational, Development, etc)?
6 - How to access the products' documentation and which documents are available on the website?
7 - How to read/decode precipitation products coded in BUFR (H01nr, H02A) or GRIB (H03A, H04A, H05A, H06, H05A) formats?
8 - How to read/decode soil moisture product H14 (SM-DAS2) coded in GRIB format?
9 - How to read/decode soil moisture product coded in BUFR format (H08, H16, H101, H102, H103)?