Registered users are able to receive news and periodic updates on H-SAF (news on products characteristics, on program events, on training courses), and will be able to have access to restricted sections of the website as "H-SAF Download Data Centre" and product viewer on the Google Map.

Furthermore, registration is necessary to perform the products downloading free of charge by mean of a secure FTP server and to receive support on H-SAF products.

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Applying HSAF Consortium to use its data/products/services
By accessing or using the HSAF DATA, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use contained in this document.
In case of rejection of one or more conditions, the user is not authorized to access and use the data.

Terms of Use:

  • Data are property of EUMETSAT.
  • Data can only be used for study.
  • Any publication making use of HSAF products will quote HSAF Consortium and EUMETSAT (web address).
  • Beta user is kindly invited to give feedback to HSAF Consortium about the outcomes of his study with HSAF data.
  • HSAF Consortium will inform when the product will be operational.
  • HSAF Consortium reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time.