06/05/2021 00:00:00
The H SAF is pleased to announce the Full dissemination for the following “Pre-Operational” Near-Real-Time products which is planned to start on 20/05/2021.
  • (H34) Snow detection (snow mask) by VIS/NIR of SEVIRI, provides a binary map of snow / no-snow situation based on the acquisition of VIS/IR images from GEO;
  • (H35) Snow detection (snow mask) and Effective snow cover by VIS/NIR of AVHRR, estimate of the fractional cover at resolution element level using the combined effect of fractional snow cover and other reflective contributors;
The main difference from the currently distributed H SAF “Operational” snow products (H10 and H12) is essentially that H10 and H12 cover only the Pan-European region.