Scatterometer Root Zone Soil Moisture Climate Data Record 10km resolution
  • Type: offline product
  • Coverage: global
  • Resolution (horizontal): 0.1 degrees (~10 km)
  • Accuracy
    • Threshold (CC): 0.5
    • Target (CC): 0.65
    • Optimal (CC): 0.8
  • Dissemination: Values on a regular 0.1 degrees grid, in GRIB and NetCDF via FTP
  • Eumetsat Navigator URL: https://navigator.eumetsat.int/product/EO:EUM:DAT:0297

  • H142 is the extension of H141 at a yearly frequency, from 2019 to 2021. It consists of reprocessed liquid soil moisture profile index for four different soil layers (covering the root zone from the surface to ~ 3 metres) generated by the offline ECMWF land surface data assimilation system with 24-hour assimilation windows. This product provides a consistent time series of both surface and root zone soil moisture with a daily global coverage, which is highly relevant for hydrological applications and water budget investigations.


User Documents

Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document (ATBD)


Product User Manual (PUM)


Product Validation Report (PVR)


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