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Metop ASCAT NRT Root Zone Soil Moisture Profile Index 10km resolution

Analysed liquid soil moisture profile index for four different soil layers (covering the root zone from the surface to ~ 3 metres) generated by the ECMWF soil moisture assimilation system at 24 hour time steps.

  • Coverage: Global
  • Cycle: 24 h
  • Resolution: HR: 0.1 degrees (~10km) - VR: 4 layers in the range surface to 2.89m: layer-1 (0-7cm), layer-2 (7- 28cm), layer-3 (28-100cm) and layer-4 (100-289cm)
  • Accuracy: Threshold: CC 0.50 - Target: CC 0.65 - Optimal: CC 0.80
  • Timeliness: 12 h
  • Dissemination: Means: FTP, EUMETCast - Type: NRT
  • Formats: Values on regular 0.1° lat/lon grid, in NetCDF files and Tco1279 grid in GRIB files

Short description of the basic principles for product generation

The analysed soil moisture fields are based on a modelled first guess, the screen-level temperature and humidity analyses, and the ASCAT-derived surface soil moisture. They are then re-scaled soil wetness index by normalising by the saturated soil moisture value as a function of soil type. The Global product is generated starting from the EUMETCast SSM product.

User Documents

Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document (ATBD)


Product User Manual (PUM)


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