P-IN-PMW (H68)
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Gridded MW instantaneous precipitation rate based on intercalibrated PMW instantaneous precipitation rate estimates on extended H SAF area

  • Coverage: LAT: 60°S - 75°N, LON: 60°W - 60°E
  • Spatial Resolution: Regular grid at 0.25°x0.25° resolution
  • Timeliness: 4 hours

threshold target optimal
RR > 1 mm/24h   CC = 0.50 RR > 1 mm/24h   CC = 0.60 RR > 1 mm/24h   CC = 0.65

Format Means Type
Values in grid points of the Meteosat projection (NetCDF) FTP, EUMETCast NRT

Characteristics and Methods

Level 3 product providing gridded MW precipitation rate at regular time intervals. It is based on instantaneous precipitation rate estimates available from P-IN-SSMIS (H01), P-IN-MHS (H02B), P-IN-ATMS (H18), H-AUX-17, H-AUX-20, combined and intercalibrated. For each 30 minute time interval, all orbits of LEO satellite carrying PMW radiometers (SSMIS, AMSR-2, GMI, ATMS, AMSU/MHS) available over the extended H SAF area are considered, to provide one unique precipitation rate estimate in each grid-box.

Validation method

Meteorological radar and rain gauge; use of GPM DPR over Africa and Southern Atlantic.

User Documents

Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document (ATBD)


Product User Manual (PUM)


Product Validation Report (PVR)


Operational Reports